About Us

Who we are

Venture Miners is a constantly developing cryptocurrency mining company. As the cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular every day, for maximum profit it is important not to miss its early stages of development. This is why our company invites new investors to support our growth. VentureMiners cloud platform is designed to control thousands of miners across the world, sharing profits from mining cryptocurrency with its partners and depositors. Thanks to the platform, everyone can join the profitable crypto mining industry, without worrying about all the complexities associated with it.

How does it work

At our data centers, we are deploying GPU rigs and ASIC miners. Afterwords the deployed hardware data is synchronized with our servers by connecting it to а cloud softwarе. Therefore to maintain a stable profit for our depositors, from the synchronized data the system is able to reserve a certain amount of hashing power, whenever a successful deposit is made. The system also creates a new contract, which is displayed in the depositors dashboard. With the received funds from our investors, we pay our manufacture partners for more cryptocurrency mining equipment to increase our hashrate capacity.

Our Data Centers